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Rounded & Two-Button Scalloped Cuffs

Rounded cuffs give off a slightly more casual and relaxed feel.

Features a two-button closure and a curved or "scalloped" cuff edge.

Mitred Cuffs

The mitered cuff has the corners “mitered” or cut at an angle.

French Cuffs

French cuffs are the most formal cuffs, they are twice as long as regular cuffs and then folded back on themselves and closed with cuff links. They are considered as fashion classics.

Tailor Made Coats

Tail, Tuxedo & Overcoat coats

A man's jacket which is short at the front and divided into two long tail like pieces at the back, worn to very formal events. It is also known as a swallow-tailed coat or morning coat.
Overcoats are long heavy coats worn over other clothing for warmth.
Tuxedo Coats are usually worn together with a matching pair of trousers with a bowtie and a cummerbund for official events when worn with a tie can be worn to semi-official events.

Topcoat, Peplum & Trench coats

Topcoats are lightweight overcoats.
Peplum coats have an extension of a garment attached at the waist usually covering the hips. Trench coats drapes down to your lower knees or near your feet usually made of water proof material to protect one against the rain.

Mandarin, Gilet & Bomber

Mandarin coats are also known as the Nehru jacket named after the Prime Minister of India is a hip-length tailored coat with a mandarin collar.
Gilet Coat or a vest coat is a short, closefitting, sleeveless coat. It may also be referred to as a jerkin.
Bomber coat is a short jacket finishing at the waist, usually having a zip front and cuffed sleeves. It is also known as a Brunswick.

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