Tailor Made Dresses & Skirts

A-Line Skirts

A-Line Skirts are narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A and work well on most figure types. It was introduced by Christian Dior as the label for his collection of spring 1955 and popularized by his successor, Yves Saint Laurent, with his "Trapeze Line" of spring 1958.

Godet skirts & Pencil skirts

Godet skirts are a triangular/circular piece of fabric usually set into the hem of a garment to add fullness..

Pencil skirts are knee-length skirts are fitted to the body from the waist to slightly above the knee.

Bubble & Wrap skirts

Bubble skirts are skirts which have hems going in around the skirt circumference at regular intervals, to create a voluminous, puffy, balloon like silhouette.
Wrap skirt is primarily just a rectangular piece of fabric with self-ties which you wrap around your waist.

Circular & Tulip skirts

The hemline of circular skirts create a perfect circle.

Tulip skirts are made with two pieces of fabrics overlapping each other like the petals of a tulip, to leave a small part of the leg showing off between the two layers. The length could be knee or below, rarely below mid-calf.

Layered, Paneled & Gypsy skirts

Layered skirts have an additional layer of fabric above the main body of the skirt which adds a voluminous effect.
Gypsy skirtsare A-line, ankle length skirts fitted around the waist, but the length extends to the ankle. The name is used interchangeably with the maxi skirt.
Paneled Skirts are A-line skirts which have vertical panels of fabric (self or some other fabric) stitched from the waist to the hem are called paneled skirts. These have a slimming effect on the wearer and can hence be worn by the curvier lot.

Straight, Asymmetrical & Skort Skirts

Straight skirts re skirts that are the same width from the waist area to the hem. Good for both formal and casual occasions, these come in varying lengths – ankle/mid calf and knee.
Asymmetrical skirts are skirts with unbalanced or uneven hems.
Skort skirts are a combination of a pair of shorts and a skirt, hence the typical name. It is primarily a pair of shorts; however, the front part of the shorts has a self fabric panel attached to it, making it look like a skirt from the front.

Mermaid skirt

Along fit and flared skirt, this is fitted till almost your knees and then suddenly flares to give the appearance of almost a mermaid to the wearer. The name is used interchangeably with the trumpet skirt.

Skirts with yokes

These skirts are divided into two parts; the upper part at the waist has a fitted yoke, below which the skirt flares. The yokes could be asymmetrical or the regular horizontal or round.

Tube skirts

Tube skirts are longer versions of the pencil skirts, fitted at the hip and tapered at the hem: the only difference is that they fall below the knee.

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