Tailor Made Trousers

Custom Designed Jeans & Pleated Trousers

Jeans can be worn with just about any shirt and for any occasion.
Pleated Trousers are generally recommended for large men.

Khakis & Flat Front Trousers

Khakis are a good option for a business casual, they are extremely versatile and work well with most any shirt or shoes.
Flat Front Trousers are recommended for slimmer individuals and those who like wearing well fitted clothes.


Chinos are made from more synthetic materials, have a slight sheen to them and tend to have a narrower cut with tapered ends. They are more commonly worn in work environments that don’t require more formal business attire.

Corduroy Trousers

These tend to be more casual and the material is normally thicker than the other options.

Cargo Trousers

They refer to any pants with exterior flap or pockets typically located just above the knees. Some may have the pocket only on one side.


Drawstring pants include those used for exercise, they are extremely comfortable and come in all fabrics. Drawstring pants are also often worn for just relaxing around the house.

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Some of our Artistic Custom Made work include;